Cloud Hybrid System

Run your POS system both online and offline. System can be independent from web access and data is auto-synced upon re-connection.

Suspend Sale

Place sales on hold and reopen at later time for speedy checkout. Add product. Found item not in the system? No problem, add or edit products on the fly right at POS.


Create returns with ease, option to print receipts with scanable barcode to speed up the process!

Speedy Product Lookup

Query products by name or code, scan barcodes, or select items from inventory list to add them to the transaction.

Real time X-report

View registers totals with breakdown of payment type at the POS with real-time data! Real-time updating means administrators viewing current numbers from anywhere at anytime!

Integrated Payments

Our PCI compliant solution provides secure payment processing X-reports by card type, electronic signature capture and PIN debit. USB plug & play hardware as well as mobile swiper option for iPad!

Mobile Selling

Run ERPLY Australia on any device with a web browser. iPad & Android apps provides the freedom of mobility!

Mix & Match Hardware

Tablets, POS registers, laptops, you name it ERPLY Australia can be run on it. Freedom to run on various devices, why be restricted?

Why ERPLY Australia?

Faster, Easy Implementation

Installing a new POS system usually means a difficult learning process, installation costs and hours on the phone with customer support. That is no longer the case! ERPLY Australia is a hosted software. This means that all of the software is supported and maintained by our certified engineers. There is virtually no set-up on your end and we provide full training for you and your staff!


ERPLY Australia is web-based POS for the serious retailer, serious about growth, innovation, and centralized control. We provide tools with the multi-store retailer in mind such as regional price lists, store specific quick buttons, multi-tax rate support, comparison reports and much more.

Cloud POS with offline mode

One of EPRLY’s key differentiators is 100% true offline functionality at POS. ERPLY Australia uses best in breed technology to allow retailers to enjoy the many benefits of the cloud, without the downfall of internet dependency. Register run completely independently, with synchronization against back-end as often as every minute.

Open API for easy integrations

ERPLY Australia provides to the public its own set of APIs (via ERPLY This powerful tool allows users to integrate with virtually any other program necessary. From e-commerce to accounting, to payroll services, all integrations are possible. Aiming to achieve what all business owners seek centralized management of all operations.

Comparison Reports

ERPLY Australia provides a wide array of reports but it does not stop there. Now apply comparison filters for clear analysis between time periods, locations, employees and more. All of which easily printed, emailed, or exported to excel. A powerful tool for the multi-store retailer.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Save money and keep your current hardware! ERPLY Australia is compatible with most hardware, allowing you to reduce unnecessary costs of replacing your current system. It works with traditional touch screen terminals, desktops/laptops and even tablets like the iPad!

Sales promotions

Built in sales promotions module allows users to create custom sales campaigns based on predefined rules. A plethora of options from BOGO to % discounts, easy to create and implement. Define a time period, location, or customer group as parameters. Equipped with different promotional types from automatic application, to printing coupon for redemption on next purchase to encourage repeat buying.


Built in Coupon generation, redemption, and tracking. Ability to create custom coupons and apply them to specific promotions, gives the freedom to establish professional campaigns in minutes. Multiple ways to get to customers from print, email or SMS, and all coupons scan in at POS for easy redemption.

Employee features

Manage your staff in the same system that you manage your sales. Employee commissions can be set up as % or dollar amount with multiple layers to award for achieving goals. View your top performers and pay out commissions via one report. Employee time clock and scheduling full equipped with clear reports to match.

Mobile Access

On the move? Take ERPLY Australia with you! Since the software is cloud-based, ERPLY Australia POS allows you to access company information from any device/location with internet access. Access your sales data, update pricing or make internal changes anywhere and anytime!

Enterprise Advantages

Software for Large and Growing Retail Enterprises

The idea behind ERPLY Australia’s ERP system is to provide a retail software infrastructure that works for retail enterprises of any size. Be it 10, 500 or 2.000 points of sale, we can accommodate these. Using ERPLY Australia, all your data systems and access points are seamlessly integrated via cloud servers.

By choosing ERPLY Australia, you get:

  • Customizable retail software front-end and back-end with API
  • Integration with existing software systems
  • Professional 24/7 support
  • Highest quality cloud servers in know locations in your region
  • Costs cuts, as you need much less people and equipment.

Why ERPLY Australia and not any other retail software vendor?

ERPLY Australia is a top choice, because we provide more than just retail software. What you get is cloud-based back-end software and hardware, covered by an expert team 24/7. Our experts are veterans in building and running large retail software and hardware systems.

Many other cloud-based retail software vendors just sell you their software and a virtual share of a cheap server. In many cases, the vendors have no idea of where your data is physically located or what devices is it running on.

ERPLY Australia provides outstanding SaaS quality according to the best practices of DevOps software development and operational maintenance methods.

I don’t like the way your user interface looks like. Can you do something about it?

We build our software, starting from back end. That is why it runs better than many other retail software systems. The user interface and front end applications can be customized to meet your needs and corporate identity.

In fact, for large corporate clients, applying your own branding and adding specific features is essential. We’ll be happy to work out a tailored deal for your company. Please contact our Sales Department.

What do we get with ERPLY Australia?

ERPLY Australia is an open retail software platform, built for integration. With ERPLY Australia, you are not stuck with proprietary software formats, and can easily integrate with any other software using API, integration and migration tools.

Besides an extensive set of ready-made software like integrated POS, Inventory, CRM, PIM, ERPLY Australia’s retail software provides application programming interface (API). With API, either your IT professionals or our developers can build custom retail software solutions. You won’t be charged extra for using API-based solutions along with standard software suite.

ERPLY Australia lets you build omni-channel retail systems of any complexity level. Integrate in-store, web, mobile and wearable retail experience with advanced inventory management software, and you get exceptionally dynamic and optimal supply chain. With cloud technology, you have real-time overview of the whole operation.

Your data is safe with ERPLY Australia. We know where the servers are. We keep people by the servers, ready to deal with any problem 24/7. With ERPLY Australia, you get more than just a piece of front-end software, as we take full responsibility of running the back end.

How do you guarantee that the cloud software always works?

Consumers expect a seamless shopping experience and this is what you get with ERPLY Australia. Most important: we do not use cheap hosting providers and virtual servers. Your company’s retail software has its own physical server space.

We have strict hardware policies. Each piece of hardware, including hard drives and server equipment, is renewed after fixed intervals. I.e. we do not wait until something breaks; instead we get new hardware regularly.

All your data is backed up in two locations, in real time. If something happens, the personnel overseeing the server acts in less than 2 minutes. All physical equipment can be replaced in less than 2 hours; until then your retail software system keeps running from a mirrored backup location.

This kind of safety measures are used by large banking corporations and for the most vital government data systems. You rarely get similar safety level with a retail software provider.

How do you guarantee retail software system safety?

Nearly 50% of ERPLY Australia’s budget is spent on diverse safety measures. These include 24/7 human controlled data systems, high security physical locations for data centers, control over physical equipment, encrypted data transfers, detailed auditing, quick-action checklists, and strict backup procedures.

The data centers we use, are always in the same region where our clients operate. There are no cross-continent data transfers, unless our client has international scope and specifically needs these. Data transfers are encrypted.

Large retail enterprises can sign trilateral agreements that include server infrastructure providers. This provides full control over data handling and geographical storage locations. The more, insurance policies for data protection are available to our large corporate clients.

How dependent will we be, if we implement ERPLY Australia’s ERP retail software suite?

Even though ERPLY Australia’s software is meant to be the software backbone of your retail enterprise, it does not force to using solely ERPLY Australia’s applications. Many clients use only some applications that ERPLY Australia has to offer, like our extremely popular POS, iPad POS and PayPal POS software.

ERPLY Australia is not fixed to any proprietary software format, i.e. you can always migrate data from and to other enterprise software systems.

The application programming interface (API) of our retail software makes it possible to build any custom software application you ever need. Integration with other back end or front end systems is no problem, as either your personnel or our coders can quickly create integrated software solutions.

ERPLY Australia is built for integration. Integration goes for beyond its internal features like POS, Inventory and customer management. It’s easy to integrate ERPLY Australia with other enterprise resource planning software services. ERPLY Australia is superior for creating multi-channel retail solution that integrates physical stores with e-Commerce and web platforms like Magento, Demandware or Shopify.

Do we need to buy new equipment, train of hire people to implement ERPLY Australia?

You can implement ERPLY Australia without hiring extra people, and our software is intuitive, so no major training is needed. If it’s a large enterprise, we suggest you to allocate competent contact person(s) to work with us.

With ERPLY Australia, you get invaluable professional know-how on board from the day one. No need to learn anything the hard way, because our professionals already know how to tackle the problems that may occur in operations that use retail software.

You do not need new equipment, unless you are expanding your business. Many chores like running servers and data connections, are handled by ERPLY Australia. It’s our responsibility to have top notch equipment running your back-end software.

ERPLY Australia is built to mix & max hardware. Our software is UPOS (UnifiedPOS, javaPOS implementation) compatible. It supports secure card readers, card personalization and issuance, PIN issuance and management, document scanners, mobile devices, iPad tablets, printers, cash drawers and customer displays by IBM/Toshiba, Star, Epson, MagTek. For the need of large enterprises, we can quickly add new brands.

What do you mean by software scalability?

ERPLY Australia’s retail software platform accommodates companies that have less than 10 retail stores, and companies with nearly 500 stores and warehouses. Many other systems demand complete rebuild, when a large number of new retail outlets comes on board.

With ERPLY Australia, your retail data will have dedicated server space and data flow. While other vendors may cross-exploit databases, ERPLY Australia stores your data separately. Thus it is very easy to expand physical storage space, or even build a personal server center for a really large enterprise.

With ERPLY Australia’s powerful API (PHP, cURL, C#, Ruby), our clients run advanced retail software solutions like automated warehouses and delivery services, automatic stock replenishment systems, and manage large scale production.

Relying on ERPLY Australia’s expertise is considerably cheaper than building your own data systems. In fact, we are building a dedicated retail software system for your company. You just don’t have to worry about server maintenance and backups, nor about training and paying new employees.

Who can access our retail data?

Your data is accessible only to your authorized personnel. In cloud servers, only encrypted data is handled for backup and transfer purposes.

Please note that many retail software providers opt for the most cost effective web hosting providers and virtual servers. ERPLY Australia is not one of those. We rent physical servers in highly trustworthy server parks. This means your databases are not pooled with other retail companies or adult entertainment sites.

By keeping your data physically separately from other clients, your retail data flow does not cross with others. For backup, only encrypted data is transferred.

Which kind of servers do you use?

We use our own servers, located in high security server parks, in the same region where your company operates. We do not share servers or other resources with other companies. We do not use virtual hosting.

Besides technical equipment, our servers have 24/7 human supervision. If something happens, the personnel acts in less than 2 minutes. All physical equipment can be replaced in less than 2 hours; your retail software system keeps running from a backup location, so for your store employees and retail customers, the shopping goes on seamlessly.

With ERPLY Australia, you never have to worry about costly hardware upgrades. Our policy is to upgrade devices constantly and use only high quality hardware.

So where do you actually store our data?

ERPLY Australia rents space and equipment in high quality server parks all over the world.

If you represent a large retail enterprise with strict data policy, we can sign trilateral agreements between you, server infrastructure providers, and us. This gives you full control over data handling and geographical storage locations.

Who works for me in ERPLY Australia?

ERPLY Australia employees form teams that are highly competent both on development and operational level. Operational level includes maintenance personnel provided by local data centers, who are committed to service ERPLY Australia’s servers firsthand. If needed, we can allocate entire teams to a large corporate client.

The operative level is manned 24/7 to tackle any problem in 2 minutes time. Both our development and maintenance personnel go through regular training session, so they are competent with the latest technologies and offer top security, speed, coherence and reliability.

Please contact our Sales Department for further questions!