Keep Track of your Inventory

Things coming in, things going out, and all in the speed of light. Having a hard time keeping up with your inventory demands? Allow ERPLY RETAIL ERP to automate this process for you. Define min/max levels and forecast orders based on sales history using our revolutionary Stock replenishment feature. Take the guesswork out of ordering from your suppliers.

Inventory backend features

  • Corporate level inventory visibility
  • Across chain stock replenishment tools
  • Purchase orders, min/max inventory levels
  • Centralized employee metric tracking
  • Supplier database
  • Supplier Price list management
  • EDI support

Helps optimize your cash flow

Calculate inventory turns across warehouses, product groups and brands. Discover your best selling products and most profitable customers. Determine your optimal stock levels and track your product costs across multiple vendors.

Makes communicating with customers easy

Respond quickly to quotes. Keep your customers up to date using frequent order status reports. Design beautiful and informative invoices, emails, labels and printouts using our label designer.

Lets you test different pricing policies

Manage separate price lists for different stores and key customers. Utilize powerful customer retention tools with our loyalty system by issuing coupons and discounts. Institute discount campaigns.