Efficient Retail Chain Management


ERPLY Australia RETAIL ERP, Point of Sale (POS), Inventory, CRM and other solutions are perfect for running a large retail chain like clothing and apparel, footwear, jewelry, pet shops, or a network of service shops like beauty parlors, a fast food chain, or a service targeting millions of homes like a broadband and satellite TV provider.

Multi-Location Management

Looking to open another location? Simply add a new location and registers with just a few clicks. As you grow, ERPLY Australia grows with you. In fact, we want you to expand. We love to accommodate chains and franchises. There are no limits to how much your business grows, as ERPLY Australia can be specifically tailored for the 1-store retailer to the Fortune500 companies.

Multi-Channel Retail Approach

ERPLY Australia RETAIL ERP allows you to take an open approach to all-channel retail management. Utilize ERPLY Australia CRM to drive business, regardless of where the transaction takes place, on the web, mobile, or in-store. Bring a seamlessness that can truly benefit both your business and your customers.

Sales Campaign Creation & Management

Promotions are designed to inform, persuade, or remind the market of your firm and its products and ultimately influence consumer behavior. ERPLY Australia RETAIL ERP system contains the tools needed to manage this influential aspect of your business and get a clearer picture of what campaigns are most effective. Transform your Retail POS to a powerful customer retention tool & attract new clientele.
– Build your own Sales Promotions
- Customer Loyalty Programs
- Couponing.

Robust Cross Chain Reporting

ERPLY Australia’s powerful reporting module translates all of your transactional data into clear, concise reports that measure sales performance. But reports do not stop at sales; ERPLY Australia contains a wide array of pre-built reports for Retail Stores, Point of Sale, Inventory, Purchasing, CRM, Employees and more. Use these standard reports to monitor performance and make smarter decisions, all of which are exportable for manipulation. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Use our custom report generator to build your own.